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About Hamid (Sam) Miremadi executive chef and owner of Santour Kabobery.


He has received his Master's degree from the University of New Hampshire and he has been in the restaurant business for the past 35 years. 


Before he started his own business, he worked for international and national restaurant chains and held positions as regional and district managers.


He is considered one of the pioneers and founders of Persian cuisine in America.


The staff at Santour Kabobery are well trained by Sam himself and he spends a great deal of his time to make sure everyone at his restaurant keeps up with the standard he has set for them.


As a teenager when I came to America, I noticed how much American’s like Persian cooking. I was always asked by my professors and coaches to prepare something from my homeland. They were fascinated by the flavor and healthy approaches.

I have to admit, my first customer American customer tried my cooking was my long-time roommate and my best friend John. He was an all-around American boy and nothing would make him happier than giving him a hot dog and baked beans. After being my roommate for about five years and a summer trip to Iran, he wanted to change his name to Javad. He was my first customer and today I have thousands of loyal customers.


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The cuisine at Santour Kabobery


We have transformed traditional and old techniques while retaining the flavor profile to make them relevant to the present times and lifestyles. Food progresses and changes over time in presentation, technique, and taste. We consistently attempt to move Persian cuisine forward into the present.

Food and recipes from thousands of years ago are seen on restaurant menus worldwide while the menus and plates of the present food culture in Persia are underrepresented as is in the evolution.

For the past 35 years, I have consistently attempted to modernize and add interest to my dishes keeping the Ayurveda principles intact.


Awards & Reviews


Over the past 35 years, Hamid (Sam) Miremadi has been reviewed and recognized favorably by many distinguished publications and trade magazines both locally and nationally.


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